All my adult life I’ve been fascinating by the human mind. I enjoy reading about the psychology behind
people’s life struggle, suffering, tragedy and happiness. Like Vincent van Gogh, I can’t afford to hire a
model, so I became the model and started painting self-portraits about 2 years ago. I wanted to capture the mood and my aged reflection of my inner soul. I painted from my inner despair, anger, and joy. But most
of all I wanted to convey the self as I saw it. Sometimes joyful playfulness snuck into the painting and I surprised myself: I must’ve been in a good mood at that time.
Recently I witnessed a wild Stallion horse while on vacation in North Carolina. My husband and I must’ve gotten too close for his comfort, and he violently whinnied. A mare behind a house, which we couldn’t see whinnied back. The Stallion flipped his mane covering most of his face, but the wildest defiant right eye stared back at us. I had to capture that in my painting.
I graduated with a B.A. in Art Studio from the University of Maryland, College Park in 1983. It was the
Abstract Expressionist era. Everyone painted on large canvas with free and spontaneous brush strokes. I
enjoyed splashing paint on canvas. As I got older, my interest in human psychology became deeper. I’ve
read great books that taught me about humanity, compassion and empathy. 
In each portrait, I want to break the wall, reveal something hidden inside; see in a new way, explore, challenge myself, meditate and have fun with it. 
I want to continue to learn what makes us good, as individuals and as a society. 
My thoughts are always global - people, the Earth, Nature. We are all a part of nature. I'll be going back to the soil when I'm done here.

My latest paintings relate to the personal Memoir I'm writing about my childhood in Okinawa, Japan, and my moving to the United States in 1973. 

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